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As appropriate for your hearing loss anatomy of the ear and custom-designed ISO™ is almost invisible, and touchControl™ app is compatible with the application. Despite its tiny size, effortless hearing has many special features to ensure the entire ISO family.



New ISO, tiny size, custom design is comfortable and offers ease of usage and wide range of application options with natural hearing.


Open whether in an office, whether in a busy restaurant or a crowded store, wherever there is too much environmental noise, in order to be able to talk and hear the other person and you will have to make an effort to concentrate. In such cases, it will be quite tiring to spend the time and effort to hear the voices – even for those who do not have hearing impairment is the same.

The new ISO will help you to overcome all of this. Advanced speech master function constantly monitors what you're listening to and undesirable sounds to reduce background noise and focuses on listening to the voice of the person you're selecting. As a result, hearing impairment, making it even more comfortable and less tired you are already. All day. In just about any environment.

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A pleasant lunch.

A nice lunch outside at a cafe with your colleagues. With chat the wind is accelerated. With ISO you can hear every word easily. Automatic speech master function, bilateral winds™ feature to reduce wind noise by taking advantage of listening and focuses on the direction of the sound.

A surprise encounter.

In the hustle and bustle of the train station while waiting on the platform for your office to go to, someone is asking you to come over and address you. When the train passes from the side in a loud way, the download ensures you won't miss a single word. The master intelligent automatic speech function, The Voice of the person that speak to you at the same time when removing the top of other voices, and other noises in the background that you are not interested yonsellik uses noise reduction properties in order to reduce and narrow – thus you can easily understand the conversations that are important to you.


Open office noise.

Re-Office, you agree to the workplace, very busy, phones ringing, and voice-speaking people. When asked your opinion about a report, ISO your job is doing great. Master automatic speech function, The Voice of the person that speak to you by activating the noise reduction feature that suppresses background noise while enhancing. Later, the announcer's voice in the Hall echoing in the lounge. Echoshield insio reduces Echo and better sound quality with a higher program of listening comfort.



Music will appreciate your loyalty.

Insio HD music program, offers superb sound quality, and allows you to enjoy listening to music. Whether it's a concert or listen to your favorite music on your HiFi home system yourself if she wants to sing on stage, fantastic sound quality and HD music exceptional music program that delivers an experience.

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